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Practical Information about St. Kitts & Nevis

Currency. The Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar is legal tender. It is exchanged at a rate fixed to the US dollar: $1 US=2.7 EC.

Driving. Driving is British style on both islands, on the LEFT side of the road.

Information. For brochures and maps of the islands, contact the St. Kitts Tourism Office, Tel. 800/582-6208 or 212/535-1234, Fax 212/734-6511, In Canada, Tel. 888/395-4887 or 416/368-6707, Fax 416/368-3934.

For information on Nevis, contact the Nevis Tourism Authority, Tel. 866/55-NEVIS, or visit them on Main Street in Charlestown, Nevis Tel. 869/469-7550, Fax 869/469-7551.

Information on Island: While on St. Kitts, stop by the Basseterre office on the first floor of Pelican Mall for assistance, brochures, and maps. In Nevis, the tourism office is located in Charlestown.

Language. English is the official language of both St. Kitts and Nevis.

Website. An excellent source of St. Kitts and Nevis information is the Web page for the islands, accessible at www.stkitts-tourism.com for St. Kitts, and www.nevisisland.com for Nevis.

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