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Caribbean Books for Young Readers

One of the best ways to build excitement about an upcoming trip is to start the vacation before you ever leave home. Look for Caribbean restaurants in your area or select a Caribbean recipe for your family to make together and try. Read about the region. Rent movies that feature island locales. Surf the Internet and look for island news, notices, and even photos of your destination and resort.

We’ve compiled here a list of books for different ages, from preschool through teens. Introducing your children to the islands through books can be a way to enrich your experience and to minimize culture shock, helping young travelers learn to appreciate and enjoy the differences between countries.

Picture Books

Bloom, Valerie and David Axtell (Illustrator)
Fruits : A Caribbean Counting Poem
Henry Holt, 1997.
This preschool book follows a young Jamaican girl and her sister as they count tropical fruits, including guava, sweet-sop, and guinep. The book is written in Jamaican patois.

Lessac, Frane
My Little Island
Harpercrest, 1985.
Aimed at babies to preschoolers, this colorful book follows a young boy and his friend back to the island of his birth.

Books for Elementary Readers

Books for Young Adult Readers

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