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Underwater Activities in Aruba

Atlantis Submarine

A favorite family activity is a ride aboard the Atlantis Submarine, Tel. 800/253-0493. This 65-foot vessel is a real submarine and take travelers on a one-hour excursion to see what lies below Aruba’s waves.

Photo tip: Be sure to bring your camera along for this excursion; there are many good photo opportunities, especially of your children looking through the portholes at the coral reefs beyond. Turn off the flash, though, or all you'll have are photos of the light bouncing off the porthole windows.


Want to feel like part of the sea? There’s no better way that with SeaTrek, available from DePalm Island for ages eight and up. (Kids with asthma cannot take part, though, due to use of pressurized air.)

Wearing SeaTrek’s special dive helmet, you get the experience of actually walking, in a moon-walk style, right on the floor of the ocean, guided by scuba divers the entire time. The walk takes about 25 minutes and is a fun adventure with swimmers and non-swimmers alike; you don’t even need to get your hair wet if you don’t want to (and glasses can be worn beneath the helmet.)


For a closeup look at Aruba’s undersea life, families with children age 8 and older can opt for SNUBA at DePalm Island. You don’t need any scuba or snorkeling experience; your instructor will show you how to breath through a regulator connected by an air hose to a tank the floats on the water’s surface. After a class, you’ll take a private underwater tour down to a depth of 20 feet. You can see both the area’s coral formations or see the Antilla, a 430-foot shipwreck. The entire experience takes about an hour.

Both SNUBA and Sea Trek are located on De Palm Island, a private coral island that’s just offshore. The island includes plenty of watersports fun as well as restaurants; many cruise ship passengers take advantage of the all-inclusive package at De Palm Island for the day. The package is also available for hotel visitors and includes round trip transportation from your hotel to the island.

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